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How To Make Brushing Fun

Children often view brushing their teeth as another chore, and one that they like to avoid whenever possible. Often brushing becomes a daily battle between parents and kids with no clear victor. Change their perceptions early on by following these simple tips and make brushing family fun. It’s no secret that kids love games, so […]

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One Trick That Will Make You A Better Brusher

If you’re already brushing your teeth at least twice per day, you’re in great shape in terms of dental habits. But did you know you could get even more out of your brushing routine by making a few small tweaks in your method? This advice is so simple it barely qualifies as advice, but it’s […]

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How the changing seasons can affect your oral health

This week, we welcome the vernal equinox—the official start of spring—after a (for some of us) long winter. As things warm up, it’s important to remember how the change in season can affect your teeth and overall oral health. Watch out for dehydration. As the air warms up and we spend more time being active […]

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Spring Cleaning for your teeth

Spring is officially here, and as you’re mentally and physically cleaning things out, we’ve got a few tips on how to refresh your tooth care regimen. Replace your toothbrush. As a general guide, it’s a good idea to replace your toothbrush about every three months. If you haven’t done so recently, take this as an […]

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Thumb Sucking in Children

Sucking on fingers or thumbs is healthy and normal when children are infants. Most Children stop somewhere between 2-4 years of age. The effects of thumb sucking are usually reversible up to the age of seven, because children still have their deciduous (milk) teeth. If thumb sucking continues beyond the age of seven, when the […]

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Oral Care

It is rightly said that a healthy mouth leads to a healthy body. And a genuine smile comes from the heart but a healthy smile needs a good dental care. So one must be very particular about his oral hygiene. A regular dental checkup ensures your proper oral wellbeing. One must get his oral checkup […]

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