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Crowded or Loose Teeth

Crowded Tooth Treatment in New Delhi, India

There are a number of problems that can be associated with your teeth. Having any kind of dental problems is pretty common and ensuring that you are able to maintain a healthy denture is the job of a Dentist. One of the most common dental problems that are faced by any individual is crowded or loose teeth. Crowding of teeth is a problem that is faced by many an individual, adults and young children alike. It is a type of problem that is characterized by the insufficient spacing of the dental arch that is unable to host all the teeth, as a result of this, the teeth get crowded.

Crowded Tooth Treatment New Delhi








It does promote an aesthetic problem, but there are more to it. This crowding of teeth can be responsible for other more serious issues. As they are crowded together, they become hard to access and hence properly clean them. This massively increases the chances of tooth decay and other such dental problems like plaque, tartar, toothache and Jaw Pain, Gum Disease, periodontal disease, loose teeth and other such Denture related problems.

 Causes of crowded teeth

The main reason for crowding of teeth is a small jaw. However, this does not exactly mean that a person who suffers from crowded teeth has micrognathia, a condition where an individual has an abnormally small jaw. Crowded teeth refer to the condition where an individual’s jaw is not big enough to hold onto a full set of teeth, and hence they stick close together. This gets more aggravated by the appearance of the wisdom tooth or teeth, as it gets affected due to the lack of space.

There are several other causes for crowded teeth and that includes, thumb sucking and mouth breathing, as it leads to the narrowing of the palate resulting in the crowding of the teeth in the upper arch of the jaw. However, teeth can get crowded for other reasons as well like, the improper eruption of teeth sequence or if the milk teeth were affected by tooth decay or if the permanent teeth start to appear way before the milk teeth had the time to fall off.

Treating crowded teeth

The main procedure for treating a crowding tooth depends mainly on the underlying cause. If the individual is suffering from the small jaw, then there are certain appliances that can be used to widen the jaw and make space for the teeth to grow. However, this is applicable only during the formation years, before the individual hit puberty. After this time period, the jaw is generally fully formed and there is not much that can be done.

Orthodontic treatment is one of the most popular options for treating crowding teeth and you will get it at Crystal Dental Centre, New Delhi. In this procedure, brackets and wires are implemented on the teeth to tighten the whole set in order to apply force and gently move the teeth until they are appropriately placed.

If the patient is suffering from severe crowding, then a dentist may recommend the patient to remove one or more teeth, in order to resume a normal position for the teeth to grow on. Come to Crystal Dental Centre in Delhi, India and get your solutions today.



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