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Ear Aches

Ear Ache Treatment

Many people think that earaches occur in children only but they are completely wrong as it can happen to adults as well. Earaches mostly occur in one ear at a time but if you are unlucky enough, then it can affect both your ears at the same time. Earaches differ in their characteristics. Some of them are constant while some keep coming and going. Sometimes the pain is sharp while at other times it is a dull one or even a burning one. Read on to find more about the possible symptoms and causes of earaches.

What are the Symptoms of Ear Aches?

The possible symptoms of earaches in adults are as follows:

A pain in the ear is the most common and obvious symptom of earaches.

Sometimes a fluid drains out of the ear too.

In adverse conditions, the person may also experience impaired hearing.

In children, however, the symptoms are magnified and some additional symptoms are seen:

An excruciating pain in the ear remains.

The child faces difficulty in giving a response to sounds or experiences muffled hearing.

There is always a feeling of fullness inside the ears.

A fever is often seen in children having earaches.

The child generally keeps pulling or tugging at his or her ears.

A Headache is persistent.

The child is not able to sleep at nights.

The child will be more irritable and will keep crying at most times.

The child experiences a loss of balance and appetite.

What are the Possible Causes of Ear Aches?

Earaches can result due to many things and some of them are explained below:

Ear Infections: These are the most common reasons behind earaches. But ear infections can occur at many places. It can either be in your outer ear, middle ear or your inner ear. The outer ear infections usually result due to the usage of headphones, swimming, or even due to cotton swabs. The middle ear infections usually occur due to the respiratory tract diseases which lead to a build-up of fluid in the middle ear. Inner ear infections are also due to respiratory infections and the most common one of them is labyrinthitis.

A change is air pressure is also one of the common reason for earaches. This usually happens when you are on a plane.

When any foreign object enters your ear and is not taken out, it often leads to earaches.

When wax builds up inside your ear and it is not cleaned for a long period of time, it can also cause earaches.

It often happens to many people that water or shampoo enters your ear while bathing and it gets trapped there. This causes ear aches too.

A sinus infection or a strep throat can also lead to earaches.

A perforated eardrum may also be the cause.

An infected or impacted tooth also leads to ear aches but it is very rare.

To know the reason behind your ear aches, you have to come to Crystal Dental Centre New Delhi, India and our doctors will give you the solution and treatment to your ear problems.


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