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Numbness or Tingling in Extremities

Numbness in Legs / Tingling in Hands Treatment

One of the most common sensations ever felt in our daily routine in the numbness to the legs or extremities. It is seen often that when we wake up, there is a considerable numbness or some kind of tingling or ticklish feeling either in our hand or in our legs. This might stay for some time and then just fade away. But it is unusual when it prevails for a long time and doesn’t fade away easily unless some nerve soothing medicine is taken or some home remedy is applied i.e. pinching the thumb or some arm or leg exercises.

While the people who experience rarely are least bothered about it and ignores the situation but for people who experience it regularly, it is definitely an alarming situation. They should be concerned about it and opt for a checkup immediately.

Symptoms of Numbness

There might be a lot of factors that might affect the nerves and result in this kind of sensations. Some injury in the nerves, some dysfunction in the nerves and sometimes due to TMD or Temperomandibular Joint Disorders this kind of sensation in the hands might occur. There are certain symptoms that should always keep a track of because if the following symptoms are there, then it is definitely a serious issue and not normal. Rather, the repetition of the feelings can be an indication of pinched nerves. The noticeable symptoms are:

• One might experience Paresthesia which is the tingling or needle-like and pin sensation in their hands which would be accompanied by severe pain in the hands daily or even several times in a single day.

• There would be a feeling of decreased sensation or no sensation at all in and around the areas connected with nerves and supplied with blood vessels.

• A burning sensation and an outwardly radiated pain which will stay for a prolonged period. This might get worse when the person affected tries to fall asleep or is at rest.

• There might even be a feeling that while the patient is wide awake, their limbs are “sleeping”.

Causes of Numbness

For the above symptoms, it is very often that the home remedies and the over the counter medicines work. But there would be a time when the medicines cease to work and the numbness and sensation might stay for several days.

The above symptoms are associated with a lot of causes which are sometimes general and sometimes unusual. So, the possible causes are:

• Injuries for which a tissue might end up compressing nerves.

• Arthritis is another cause for which these sensations can occur.

• Stress and obesity are two of the major issues.

• TMD is another cause, in which the excessive tension in jaw muscles leads to spasm which is passed a long way to the limbs and cause numbness.

So, a person should know when to consult a doctor by now. Initially, when the numbness of the nerves is short-lived, the injury suspected in the nerves is not permanent. Nut persistence in the same condition requires immediate doctor advice.Crystal Dental Centre in New Delhi, provides Numbness in Legs Treatment and Tingling in Hands solutions in Delhi, India


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