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Overall Lethargy

Lethargy / Fatigue Treatment

What is Lethargy?

You may wake up one morning feeling energetic but during the course of the day may feel tired due to extreme work pressure and this state of tiredness sometimes cause difficulty with normal daily activities leading to problems with attentiveness and concentration.

In other words, Lethargy refers to a state of lacking energy or tiredness or exhaustion. It can be accompanied by depression, decreased motivation or apathy. Lethargy can be a direct cause of workload and stress and is usually not a case of medical emergency but it shouldn't be ignored as it could be a symptom for other physiological and psychological disorders that might be creeping into your system. This state of the body can be overcome simply by following a healthy lifestyle that is, in taking good nutrition and exercising.

Lethargy Treatment in New Delhi


What causes LETHARGY?

Medical causes such as an underlying illness or diabetes or thyroid malfunction.

Working for long hours in a stressful environment or in irregular shifts or the pressure to deliver at workplace drains one's energy giving birth to lethargy.

One's lifestyle plays a vital role in this case. Lethargy can arise as an effect of the drugs that one takes; consumption of alcohol is equally responsible for the cause. Also too much sleep, lack of sleep or sleep disturbances or poor diet and lack of exercise can lead to lethargy. Often people lose energy and become lethargic in the process of fulfilling too many commitments only in the workplace but also in the family sphere.

Individual factors such as financial distress, unemployment, etc stress an individual making him/her lethargic.

Psychological illness is a major cause of lethargy. Depression, anxiety, stress, overthinking, grief keeps the body overdriven. The constant adrenaline rush due to stress and anxiety and overthinking wears out the individual's body and mind making him/her lethargic.

Boredom is another cause for lethargy.

Symptoms of Lethargy

Loss of memory or concentration.

Having difficulty to sleep due to chronic insomnia or other Sleeping Disorders.

Feeling unrevived or unrefreshed after a night's sleep.

Perpetual fatigue.

Muscle weakness.

Frequent Headaches or aching muscles.

Low motivation.

Slowed reflexes and responses.

Treatment Ways to get rid of Lethargy

It is very important to rule out any underlying medical problem causing Lethargy.

Physical exercise boosts energy levels so exercising regularly is very important though that would be the last thing you would want to do when you are you are tired.

Yoga is a very good remedy to keep fit, feel fresh and it gives us a lot of energy.

If you weigh more than you should, you must burn down all the extra fats as all those extra kilos are feeding on your energy.

Lose weight if you need to in a healthy way. Don't crash diet or skip meals. Eat more often. Have breakfast and check on your coffee consumption as it isn't much good for your health. Also, refrain from consuming alcohol.

Drink plenty of water as a dehydrated body works less efficiently.

Go to bed early. It is important to get enough sleep and take naps during the day as it boosts one's brain.

Persistent Lethargy that doesn't solve with self-care and it may be an indication of other medical conditions. Seek doctor's advice at the Crystal Dental Centre New Delhi, India if you happen to experience prolonged bounds of fatigue.





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