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Root Canal Therapy

When dental caries proceeds beyond a point where a conservative approach in terms of a “FILLING or RESTORATION” can’t be done, a “ROOT CANAL TREATMENT” is advised. Largely “ROOT CANAL TREATMENT” comprises of cleaning, shaping, complete debridement and finally obturating the canal ensuring a hermetic seal.


Gone are the days when a missing tooth was a liability. With the advent of Medical technology, it is now possible to replace a missing tooth with a solution as close as possible to natural teeth. This is called as a DENTAL IMPLANT.
In simple terms, a screw made out of a noble metal is placed at an anatomically viable position and natural bone formation around this non-living screw is initiated. This is crucial as a non-living entity is changed per say into a living tissue. Once a desireddensity of bone is achieved a simple crown resembling a natural tooth is screwed over the earlier placed implant. This results in fully functional, esthetically pleasing tooth replacement with the best part being ZERO damage to surrounding or supporting teeth.

Smile Designing

Pale, dull, yellow teeth – if this appearance makes you uncomfortable and uneasy, worry no more. Crystal is here to turn your woes into endless smiles.
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Swollen gums/ bleeding while you brush/ Foul smell – Are these daily struggles holding you back!!!
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A crown is an artificial prosthesis which replaces a missing tooth or is placed on top of a tooth undergone Root canal therapy to impart strength to it by surrounding the tooth.
Crowns are made up of metal and/or ceramics.


Dental bridges are artificial prosthesis which is joined together. Both the ends of the bridge are placed on either a natural tooth which is given a shape or dental implants. They serve as areplacement to an entire row of missing teeth. They are also made up of metals and porcelains.

Veneers & Laminates

These are essentially a thin bonded ceramic piece that is bonded to the facial / front surfaces of a tooth and part of the proximal / side surface giving a very high cosmetic appearance. The teeth indicated for this treatment required minimal preparatory shaping.

Children’s Dentistry

Is the pain from your little ones teeth keeping all of you awake? We at Crystal understand the anxiety parents experience seeing their child in pain. For this very reason, we are proud to share with you our very own experienced Pediatric Dentist.
Allow us to gently nurture your little ones teeth to health using our special potion – Love, care and Experience.


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