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Gum Recession Treatment

Wear or notches at the gum line or what is commonly known as gum recession occurs mainly due to the creeping down of the gingival tissue to the length of the tooth, which results in the exposure of the root surface, making the tooth look taller or bigger than they really are. There are several causes of gum recession and a number of treatments as well. Let’s look at the causes first.

Gum Recession Treatment New Delhi

Causes of gum recession

If you can articulate the causes of gum recession then it will easier for you to avoid it as well. so the main causes of gum recession are:

Periodontal disease: Commonly known as Gum Disease, this causes infected gum tissue to get detached from the tooth surface.

Aggressive tooth brushing: When you brush too hard, especially with hard bristles, you actually cause the gum to recede. It is more common to the corner of the mouth which holds the canine and the premolars.

Using tobacco: Smoking, as well as chewing tobacco, causes severe cases of gum recession. Smoking cigarettes are responsible for the loss of blood supply to the gum's ends and hence causes tissue loss.

Improper dental care: Improper treatment of the teeth and failure to maintain a proper dental checkup can cause the development of a number of gum diseases.

Misaligned teeth: When teeth are misaligned they are more prone to gum recession. They are susceptible to tartar buildup, which is a major cause of gum recession.

Piercings in mouth: Constant irritation caused due to a lip or a tongue piercing can allow the gingival tissue to fall out of its place.

Heredity: In several cases, it has been noticed that children whose parents had suffered from chronic gum recession are also prone to develop the condition themselves.

Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment: If you move your teeth too quickly while the orthodontic treatment is occurring, you may cause your gum to recede.

Gum recession treatment

Now, that you are aware of the causes of gum recession, Here are the various ways you can treat gum recession,

Laser treatments and periodontal therapy: You dentist will utilize periodontal therapy to get rid of the deep bacteria that are the main reason behind gum detachment. Laser treatment will sanitize the bacteria pockets in order to stop the disease to grow.

Stop using tobacco: Tobacco in any form harms your gums and drastically promote the gum recession. So when you stop using them, you inadvertently cause the treatment of gum recession.

Soft tooth brushing: It is always advised that you use soft bristle toothbrushes. Soft toothbrushes help to maintain a healthy oral feature. Point the toothbrush towards the gum and softly, gently clean them at least twice a day. Aggressive brushing is well condemned and you should never practice it.

Regular dental cleanings: Try to visit your doctor at least once every six months. Clean the plaques and tartar regularly and let your Dentist have a good look at your teeth. It is an essential practice that will prevent and treat gum recession.

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